Monday, October 10, 2011


Monday’s usually suck. 

Not Today!!  I slept in.  I got up a bit later than I should have and the kids were almost late.  Ever other morning they get up by the time I leave so they can spend time with Lindsey.  She makes them breakfast.  I point at the cereal and tell them to leave me alone until I have my coffee.  Not today, they slept in.  I ended up scrambling a bit and had to drop off Sam and then come back home.  I had to get Sam from Brownies at 5 pm.  That gave me the rest of the day to do what I wanted, kid free.  I was almost paralyzed by the range of things I could do.  I ended up Costco/grocery shopping.  Although this sounds like a crappy chore, just imagine it with no kids.  

See not so bad.  

I spent something like an hour and a half wandering around Costco.  Did you know they have tools?  After that I went to Kroger and was able to actually shop.  No Sam asking if we can have doughnuts, no Jason asking if we can get the industrial bag of chicken nuggets.  I was just me being cheep.  I got everything we needed and headed home.  After I got it all put up it was time for lunch.  Then I took a break and had some quality zombie killing time.  I watched the news, cleaned up the basement, vacuumed, and did a bit of general clean up. 

It was a great day. 

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