Saturday, October 8, 2011


Samantha’s cheer games are almost always at 10 am.  The game doesn’t start until 11 but this way they are all there and get warm up time before hand.  On the upside I get to watch the last half of the Flag game and those kids put on a pretty good show.  Us parents yell just as loud for the 7 year olds as we do for the pro’s. 

Last week was cold as heck as we watched the kids.  I had on two sweat shirts and put a hand warmer in my sweatshirt pocket to keep my hands warm.  This weekend I am sitting on aluminum bleachers baking in the stands.  These bleachers are like tin foil pans.  I ended up under the bleachers with a bunch of little kids just to escape the sun.  I picked up three Gatorades for us and delivered Sam’s to her on the track.  She had already gone through her water bottle. 

Monday is a federal holiday.  It is not a day off for the kids.  I am so excited I can hardly wait.  I am doing as much laundry as I can now so I don’t waste valuable time on Monday with crappy chores like laundry.

So excited.

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