Monday, February 13, 2012

Summer Camps

So the kids need supervision during the day during the summer when they do not have school.  Christine likes to try and enrich the children’s lives.  I merely want them not to be dead at the end of the day.  

With Chris’s goal in mind (let’s not kid ourselves, she was going to win) we signed them up at Schoolcraft College.  The kids went there one week last year and loved it.  This year they will go for three weeks.  Chris was nervous that they would fill fast and the kids would miss out on their first choices.  She tried to sign them up online.  Of course this did not work.  So I sat in my car until 8:01 am on the first day to be the first in line to get them signed up.  Sadly I was second in line.  I was the first to the cashier’s cage so we kinda tied.

We couldn’t miss Video Game Design or Art Explosion.

We will do another week away at Camp Copneconic and a couple of weeks at the YMCA. 

For the other two I don’t need to camp out like a groupie to register.

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