Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Typical Wednesday

Things are pretty quiet at the moment.  I know it will explode at any moment but such is life.

We have Musicfest at Churchill High School for Jason on Wednesday.  He brought home a paper on Tuesday that said no jeans.  I thought he could wear the suit pants he wore to my dad’s funeral.  Wrong!  They wouldn’t even button and they hiked up to his knee!  Darn kids keep growing.  I raced to Target and got him some pants and a belt.  I am sure it already doesn’t fit.

He was one of 6 schools represented and the youngest group.  It turned out to be a really cool evening.  The music was pretty good and I got to see Jason play.  He looked confident.  When they had to clear the gym for the last performance he was a whirlwind of help.  He assisted everyone moving stuff out of the way.  Good to see in his non-home setting.

The last group was the marching band and flag corps.  I thought of Christine when the flag people started their routine.  Towards the end one of the band members ran around the front of everyone, took off his jacket, grabbed the sign and flowers he had hidden and asked one of the flag girls to the prom.  Very cool.  It was a neat performance.  They looked like they enjoyed themselves.

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