Saturday, July 21, 2012

The End

Fast forward to July 21st.  I know, I know I am a crappy blogger.  I believe that has been well established.  I will be shutting down this blog soon as Christine is now safely home.

Jason ended his series on the winning side.  They were 12 and 3.  Not bad for the little guys.  He is going to summer camp at Schoolcraft College and is getting ready to go to sleep away camp next week.

Samantha is still cute as hell and is doing well.  She is getting ready for cheer in the fall. Sam is also going to summer camps at Schoolcraft College and getting ready to go to sleep away camp next week.

Christine is home and somewhat back to normal.  After her initial clean and purge of our house she is settling in to a routine of getting up at 4 in the morning and supporting the folks overseas from home.  Since she is home we have a bit of flexability with our schedules.

We are both on Facebook.  (Me more than her)  So you can look for future updates there.

Thanks for looking and reading about our goofy life.

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