Friday, January 21, 2011

Neat stuff

The Detroit Tigers have a Traveling Caravan visiting different places to promote their event on Saturday and to answer questions.  So we got to listen to the coach, owner, a couple of players and the sports announcers answer questions concerning the upcoming season, trades, etc.  I was pretty impressed that I was able to stay awake for the whole thing.  The only thing more boring than a baseball game is listening to people talk about it.  They were nice though and took time to come and see us.  For that I am appreciative.  In the photo are the panel of folks that came out.  (Sorry about the photo - camera phone.)

After the Tigers left our boss took the opportunity to present awards.  I was presented with a step increase.  (Small raise for the non-government employees)  It was nice to be recognized for the work I do.

It was a nice ego boost and then I went home for the great equalizer – the kids.  I had quite the time trying to explain to Jason that two cursive paragraphs were not considered “excessive” homework.  He did not believe me. 

Jason 1 – Ego 0.

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