Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I am 95% done with the paperwork project.  (I know the suspense was killin’ ya.)  Just a few binders to go through and all will be well.

I wish I was like those professional Bloggers who can produce stuff every day.  I am sorry but my life is not quite that exciting.  We have our moments but for the most part are just chugging right along.  I took Sam grocery shopping last night and that was just funny.  She wants to be older and I want her to stay my little girl.  I think she is winning.  Sam wanted to buy some gum with her money at Kroger.  So in the checkout she gets her money ready.  She suddenly remembers that she needs .50 cents for something at school so she will get change from a buck.  I gave her my extra key tag for the Kroger plus program so she is now all set.  The cashier tells her $1.37 for the two packs of gum.  She starts to hand him three dollars and then goes, “Hey I will get more than .50 cents back.”  

Damn.  She grew up.  

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