Sunday, January 23, 2011

So I decided to tackle the paperwork monster.  I got all cocky when I started to pay bills.  Now I am attacking the files that Chris had in multiple places.  I emptied all the baskets and drawers.  They are all now folded into the filing system that Chris put in place when we put in the office.  I am not quite done but I am tired of date arranging papers.   (A giant tub sounds good right now.)

GRRR.  I just found another folder with the word “File” on the tab.

This is a much larger job than I thought but it is well worth it.  This moves 90% of the information back to the office where it belongs.  There needs to be a couple of binders upstairs but no more “basket to no ware.”   Chris is the most organized person I know.  She makes great sense of chaotic information.  She tried to make it easy for me, the pile maker, to put stuff away.  All the extra storage locations resulted in quite a mess.  I think it is easier for me to come around to her system, then her to try and accommodate me. 

Since I am easily distracted, (obviously) I need to dive back in.  (I am multi-tasking and doing laundry at the same time so distractions come easily.)

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