Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last Weekend

So I finally got moving on the bathroom again.  I am not moving to quick as things keep coming up. 

Last Saturday I met my mom for dinner for Jason’s birthday.  We ended up at Red Robin up near mom.  Sam had her purse with her money and phone in it.  She is such a big girl.  Jason was spending the weekend with Uncle Roger.  Roger dropped off Jason at the restaurant.  (Not sure why he didn’t stay.)  Jason looked so tired.  It was funny. 

Sunday morning as I was starting to work on the plumbing, Sam informed me that her purse was still at Red Robin.  Off we went.  Sure enough it was there.  Since we were out that way we stopped off at Grandma’s house.  She has made a lot of changes since dad died.  The backyard has been de-forested; the stacks of papers have been mostly consolidated; new stuff all over.  I don’t think dad liked change.  We hung out so long I called Roger to get Jason.  He was on the way to our house.  Oops.  Off I went to try and get there first.  Turns out he dropped off Carter first so I had plenty of time.

One remodel weekend gone.

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