Friday, November 4, 2011

LJAL Banquet

So I go to turn in Sam’s uniform on Wednesday.  I give the stuff to the coach and she says, “See ya tomorrow.”  I looked at her with much confusion on my face.  She picked up on this and said, “The banquet.”  Oh Crap! I had completely forgotten about the LJAL end of year banquet.  Where they get awards, sign the yearbooks, hang with the team one last time.  Sam would have killed me if we hadn’t gone.  She sent the team an e-mail reminding them of the banquet.  I am pretty sure the reminder was for me.

The kids were so cute.  Sam was all dressed up in a dress.  Jason tried to figure out how to tie a tie.  I throttled him back a bit and just had him wear nice pants and a shirt.  I didn’t need food stains on his suit coat.
Goofy face.  She had tons of fun.

Joe cool.

We went and had a good time.  It was short this year and only ran 2 and a half hours.  They did a great job keeping it moving.  

Hopefully I will be back next year.

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