Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving construction

This weekend Jason went to Uncle Roger’s house.  He got to hang with his cousin and goof off.  I however, got to hang out in my upstairs bathroom and goof off with plumbing and wall board.  The plumbing was made much simpler with the advent of SharkBite push on connectors and flexible tubing.  Sam came and helped me when we turned on the water and tested my abilities.  I goofed on one of them so I heard Sam yelling, “I see water dripping!”  She is so cute.  It was pouring straight out of a connector I had not seated correctly.  Once I corrected that we had a moment of laughter and joy as once again water flowed from the upstairs shower and tub.

Putting up cement backer board sucks.  There is no good way to say it.  I can feel every joint, knuckle, and bone in both my hands.  “Just score it like drywall.”  BS!  I had to score it on both sides and then work like hell to get it to snap.  Getting the holes right for the shower side was nerve wracking.  I was on my last sheet and I really did not want to cut more of it.  Trying to get it all correct and lined up took me longer than it probably should have but I am new.  I went through both batteries, twice.  That stuff is tough.  I guess it has to be to hold up the tiles.  I did find that the window guys put the boards in crooked.  I fought for awhile to fix my error until it dawned on me to check their work.  I can work around it but it threw me for a bit.

I had to run up to Home Depot to get a hole saw to cut the board on the shower side.  While I was gone Jason came home.  I walk through the front door and he is sitting there watching TV.  He scared the hell out of me. 

I was too sore and tired to make dinner so it was leftover night.  Luckly I made dinner all weekend so Jason and Sam had good leftovers.  (Good as far as I am concerned.)

Chris ordered the new Diary of a Wimpy kid books for the kids.  I gave them to them tonight so they had something to read during their 30 minutes I tell them to read each night.  Jason was very excited.  He has loved those books from the start. 

I was complaining about my back being sore and Sam made these signs:
(It says:  Dose your back hurt? If it does go to Sam's office! 46918 Basement in the lab.  She will only charge you $.50)

She is so cute.

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